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The Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal Emerging Contractor Programme was established to develop the skills and business acumen of small and informal businesses operating within the building industry in order to become more sustainable. Those who participate in the programme will have access to training, business facilities and specialists who will mentor and guide them through the various challenges in the built environment.  

The objective is to assist these contractors and support them in becoming legally compliant and to guide them to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Participation in the programme is open to Members of the Association from previously disadvantaged communities whose annual turnover does not exceed R4 Million. 

Master Builder KwaZulu-Natal reserves the right to allow participation in the programme by non-members of the Association providing they meet the application criteria


Require a CIDB grading of 3 upwards. In exceptional circumstances other lower grades may be considered.

Meet criteria applicable to a CIDB grading of 3 and above.

Applicants must be willing at all times to maintain a high standard of ethics

Have to be willing to ensure that all work is performed to the best of their ability.

Applicants must provide references and motivate why they should be in the programme.


Successful applicants may not participate for a period exceeding two years. The first 3 months is to serve as a probationary period to ensure legal compliance. The Association reserves the right to expel participants from the programme who display lack of commitment to industry best practices, legal compliance or violates the Association code of conduct.


Successful applicants will be required to purchase a Small Builders Manual as a toolkit for the programme.


In order to help improve the performance of Emerging Contractors in terms of quality, skills development, health and safety, employment practices, business management and technical skills, the programme facilitates access to the following:  

  • Mentorship programme
  • Professional support
  • Training opportunities
  • Health and Safety advice
  • Building services advice
  • General enterprise/Industry advice


Successful applicants are to be assigned to a mentor and therefore need to be positively disposed towards a mentor/mentee relationship. The role of the mentor is to guide and provide support to assist the mentee in their professional development.


The Association employs a number of specialists which successful applicants will have access to for professional advice and guidance. 


The Association's Health & Safety Department is on hand to give advice and assistance on matters relating to health and safety including legal compliance, in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


The Association's Building Services Manager is on hand to provide quality advice with regard to settling disputes, contractual, regulatory and building related legal issues. Drawing on vast experience that comes with years of operating within the building industry the Association's Building Services Department is also able to provide practical advice on construction methodology.


Successful emerging contractors who have completed the relevant training and mentorship components will be linked to companies in the industry for a six month period. This is in order to assist the emerging contractor to develop further business acumen. This aspect of the programme is subject to companies in the industry taking on emerging contractors.


Participants in the programme will also have access to following:

  • Financial advice
  • Marketing advice
  • Labour relations advice
  • Networking opportunities


  • Participants will have access to a business advisory desk which is there to facilitate assistance with the following areas:
  • Business support service
  • Advice on different business entities and the requirements
  • Advice on legal requirements for business start-up
  • Completing relevant forms/documents
  • Telephonic advice
  • Training on different aspects of running a business
  • Finance and sustainability
  • Advice on requirements in the building industry
  • Writing up of business proposals
  • Tender process and documents


There are facilities at all the Master Builders offices for the Emerging Contractor Programme. Facilities include access to computers with Microsoft Office and internet access available for use to successful applicants.

Access to Emerging Contractor Programme facilities is subject to appointment and availability.

Access to Emerging Contractor Programme facilities is subject to appointment and Availability.


The training needs of Emerging Contractors are continuously assessed. Training may be offered in the following areas:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of a business plan and adapt it to a selected business idea (14444)
  • Set up and Manage Construction Contracting Business (11553)
  • Understand and Apply Business Finances (9989)
  • Marketing/Apply Business Concepts (9973)
  • Comply with legal requirements for a construction contract (9982)
  • Computer Skills
  • Tender for Construction Contracts (9981)
  • Apply Construction Contract Documentation (9980)
  • Apply Health & Safety to a work area (9964)
  • Apply Quality principles  on construction site (9986)
  • Manage construction resources (9984)