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Master Sure Risk and Guarantee (Pty) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal, understands the importance of providing the full range of Construction Guarantees to its valued Members in a correct and timely manner.

Master Sure seeks to be a committed ally, in the procurement of the most competitive facilities available for the specific needs of those operating within the building industry.

Bank and other Guarantee originators have notoriously been slow to process applications in the past and this has lead to frustration from the client and the contractor.

Master Sure Risk and Guarantee (Pty) Ltd have streamlined the practice, offering seamless processes ensuring workable solutions throughout the course of obtaining applications and the physical documents, through to the issue of specific guarantees to Employers, on behalf of Contractors

We seek to maintain a high level of service and a spirit of cooperation with Contractors that will go beyond the call of duty, in a friendly and efficient manner.

For More information, please feel free to contact Ross Stembridge on Tel:  +27 (31) 266 7070